Nike Air Max 90 Premium ‘CBF Pack’ – Black – Ostrich

If any of you guys were fallowing last year's World Cup in South Africa, you've probably noticed a good percentage of players Wearing the "Nike Mercurial Vapor's, These iconic Football/Soccer cleats gave Nike a big presence in the biggest stage of all. With the latest Acquisition of the French Football Federation "FFF" and the connection already with Confederação Brasileira de Futebol "CBF", You can already see the Determination behind the Swoosh for worldwide Sports Domination. In the year 2014, Brazil will be hosting the world cup in their Home Country, The Yoga Bonito footballers are favorite to win it all, being the most Successful National Football Team in History with Five Championships, many can dream for the ball to start rolling already. In Atmos we bring you the latest Air max 90 premium in black and ostrich leather Construction, part of the "CBF" pack in honor of Brazilian Football.


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